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Heating & Air Conditioning Packaged Systems

Heating & air conditioning in all electric or gas/electric packages for our Redding customers.

When space is tight and you need your air conditioning and heating to be combined into a single foot print instead of a normal split system design, Bickley’s Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help. We are a Redding air conditioning contractor specialized in efficient and reliable solutions for our California customers.

Below are a few of the packaged HVAC systems we recommend. Packaged systems come in all electric or gas and electric models. If you need assistance and want the best in Redding HVAC, call Bickley’s Air Conditioning & Heating today at 530-527-7188.

PCG4 14 SEER Ultra Low Nox Packaged Unit

Our environmentally responsible, standard-efficiency, all-in-one solution for cooling and gas heating.
Efficiency Range14 SEER/11 EER/81% AFUE
Sound LevelsAs low as 72 dBA
Warranties20-year heat exchanger, 10-year parts, 10-year compressor

PHE4 14 SEER Packaged Heat Pump

Our standard-efficiency, all-in-one heat pump for cooling and heating.
Efficiency Range14 SEER/8.0 HSPF
Sound LevelsAs low as 69 dBA
Warranties10-year compressor, 10-year parts, 10-year supplemental electric heat

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Accurate controls give you exact comfort settings and efficient operation provides consistent temperatures.


Our ENERGY STAR® rated, 16 SEER models can save energy and lower your utility bills while our advanced fan motors last longer with fewer repairs.


Advanced fan design and vibration-reducing technologies minimize operating sound levels to maintain peace and quiet.


All of our systems come standard with industry-leading warranties because, at YORK®, we believe nothing is more comfortable than peace of mind.

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